The idea for Pomp & Whimsy evolved after many years consulting with brands to help them better understand the female consumer: how our senses experience flavor, how we connect with brands intellectually, and the emotions that surround us in our moments of glory.

Gin has always felt to me like an inherently feminine idea – the infusion of aromatic botanicals into a neutral spirit base. Yet what I have learned from women is that the experience of traditional gin, does not always measure up to the loveliness of this ideal.

So, what if we took the concept of gin and made it truer to us and our palates? What if we brought fancy, modernity and, dare I say it, whimsy to this stuffy old world spirit?

And so Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur came to be. A traditionally crafted gin, reimagined for women today. Our taste, our style, our time.

Dr. Nicola Nice
Founder & CEO