Back in the 1800s, Victorian liquor sellers used sugar and other flavorings to make the low quality gins of the time more palatable for their customers. These highly popular “gin cordials” were cheaper, lower proof and easier to drink than the “dry” (unsweetened, undiluted) gin that came straight from the barrels. However, with the invention of the Coffey still, the production of high quality gin eventually became more commercially viable, and by the turn of the century dry gin caught on as the preferred style of spirit.

For Victorian women, who were the chief home distillers and recipe makers at the time, the infusion of additional fruits or botanicals into gin made for a richer sipping spirit, and indeed the base of the very first “cocktail” (i.e. gin, sugar and bitters). With Pomp & Whimsy, we set out to breathe new life into this long forgotten tradition, while simultaneously updating it for a modern palate. Bringing fancy, modernity, and dare we say it, even a touch of femininity, to this stuffy, old world spirit.

It's gin. Reimagined.


Dr. Nicola Nice
Founder & CEO