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Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur’s glorious botanicals do not mask this spirit—juicy white peaches and pears on the nose diminish any strong juniper or coriander notes with a jasmine kiss. Luscious notes of ginger, McIntosh apple and orange rind vamp the expansive palate.

95 points

— Meridith May



Exuberant aromas of tropical flowers, lychee, marzipan and overripe peach are attractive. The palate is generous with white cherry compote, vanilla bean and rose petals preserve. Silky and mouth coating texture. The finish has a hint of jalapeño seeds which adds even more complexity.

85 points, Very Good, Strong Recommendation


WINE ENTHUSIAST – Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Goddesses of the Grape, Part 2 just gave a very informative and interesting presentation...that went into great detail about the history of women in terms, of spirit consumption and cocktails. And actually, as you noted, being the one responsible making those beverages for their guests, for themselves, for their husbands, for whomever… I think it’s interesting to note this recent resurgence in a lot of female bartenders.

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VOGUE.COM – What Does It Mean to Make a Craft Gin With Women in Mind?

...I am somewhere else, on vacation perhaps, sitting under an arbor with some girlfriends, figuring out new places to explore...

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LIQUOR.COM – Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur & A Vesper Variation

...And what is a girls’ trip away with two booze nerds without a signature cocktail? This was not a detox vacay, okaaaay. I brought along one of my new favorite discoveries, an exquisite new gin liqueur called Pomp & Whimsy that launched just this past January right here in downtown Los Angeles...

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MAXIM.COM – 13 Delicious Gin and Tonics to Try Right Now

...This gin and tonic highlights the botanicals with Pomp & Whimsy giving it extra floral notes, as well as some added grapefruit,” she says. “Refreshing and bright, perfect for the season...

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EVE'S WINE 101 – New To The Roof: Pomp and Whimsy

...I found Pomp & Whimsy at the Rose Bowl’s end zone, a VIP area of the event, and was immediately won over by their unique gin liqueur, both as a single spirit and in a cocktail. So much so that I invited them to join us on the roof...

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...For the record...I seriously considered dyeing my chicken's 'pomp' hairdo pink for this photo shoot. But that's a level of crazy I haven't yet reached. Yet...

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...Why the 'whimsy'? Because chickens are whimsical, dammit. And also because I added a splash of my favorite liqueur, Pomp + Whimsy to it... If you don't have access to this gorgeous spirit (first of all, remedy that)...

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...As a way to indulge without fear of undoing the day or derailing the next, I created this cocktail...

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SUGAR AND CHARM – Whippet Cocktail with Pomp & Whimsy

...If you like gin and refreshing drinks, you’ll love this Whippet cocktail and Pomp & Whimsy as the perfect liqueur to add to your bar cart collection!...

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TALES OF THE COCKTAIL - Pomp & Whimsy: a Gin Cordial Created by Women, for Women

...drinking culture has changed, and women are ordering a wide array of spirits, and women today don’t need to have men buy them drinks...

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BEVNET – Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur Targets Female Consumers

...With a new American gin movement in full swing, the doors have opened for gin to take on a variety of new forms beyond the traditional London dry-style...

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