Back in the heyday of gin, the spirit’s seductive nature earned it the nickname Mother Gin or Madame Genever. From lords to ladies, mistresses to maids, all were captivated by the exotic botanicals within. 

A style that was especially in vogue at this time was the gin cordial, a lightly sweetened and infused spirit that was easier on the palate than the dry (unsweetened, undiluted) gin. Women were the main creators of such cordials, passing on their recipes from mother to daughter.

And as the chief entertainers of the home, women were also skilled mixologists, blending their spirits into fruit cups, punches and all manner of dainties, serving them at social gatherings like garden parties, luncheons and balls.

Today we return to the dawn of this love affair with gin, with classically distilled gin updated for a contemporary palate. Bringing fancy, modernity and dare we say it, a touch of femininity, to this wondrously old-world spirit. 

It's gin. Reimagined.


Dr. Nicola Nice
Founder & CEO